Monday, August 18, 2008


Dann said...

So happy to see you have a blog! I often try to describe your paintings but i don't think words do them justice. At least with this site I can show people a scan that's a somewhat fair representation.


Look forward to seeing you again!

-dann dempsey

Jacquelyn McBain said...

Hey, Dann!
You're my second person to write in this.
I have some plants I've started potting for you but I'm putting more time into painting and so the garden only gets a little of my time these days.
How are the kittens?
Hugs, Jacquelyn

Jacquie said...

Hey McB, I went to visit the fam in Cooperstown last week. We discovered the coolest new place in nearby Oneonta, Dr. Joseph Popp Jr's Butterfly conservatory at Stonehouse Farm. Unreal. You can carefully walk in their large indoor botanical garden which contains fluttering tropical butterflies, exquisite tropical birds flying freely, turtles clambering about, poisonous tree frogs--these were contained in a terrarium (I hadn't known they get their poison from eating ants), Chamelions draped from banana tree limbs, and lo & behold: AXOLOTL's!!!
love, Jacquie

Jacquelyn McBain said...

Whoa, Jacquie!

That's excellent and very tempting.
Hey, thanks for writing in my blog!
We're getting Olympics-inspired weather here. Most highs are 88, for some odd reason. The 8th month, the 8th year.
Asians love the number 8 because it means rice. Or at least that's how my 90-something-year-old friend told me.
Love, McB